I-MECH will develop a set of smart building blocks, embedding leading edge capabilities from our academic partners, which can be used for rapid development of the lower layers of these high performance motion control systems. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts will be used to achieve a high degree of configurability, scalability and interoperability of the individual components, while maintaining the reliability, safety, certifiability and time-to-market benefits of off the shelf solutions. The project vision is to provide enhanced motion control intelligence for wide range of CPS involving actively controlled moving elements. In consequence, such CPS will: - be able to measure the performance of its individual instrumented parts (drives, sensors, actuators, electronics) - optimize and adapt control actions according to condition and machine dynamics changes - be able to actively detect and reject residual vibrations when pushing machine performance to the physical limit - learn during repeating tasks and optimize its performance automatically - accommodate new sensors and actuators with different performance profiles - integrate multiple motion and control activities on multi-many core platforms
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